Meet Our Member: CYBER CIC, LLC

Meet Our Member: CYBER CIC, LLC

🔦 Today is TCCP's #meetourmembermonday and we are shining the spotlight on CYBER CIC, LLC🔦

 Cyber CIC assists proactive business leaders in making informed risk-based decisions on their timeline to protect their company. Plus, Cyber CIC assists reactive business leaders in making crisis decisions on the adversary’s timeline to save their company. We do the same for individuals.

Visit or connect with Carmine Cicalese, President & Founder of CYBER CIC, LLC. to learn more.

Fun Fact about CYBER CIC, LLC, (Pronounced Cyber Chick) CIC is a play on Carm’s last name and stands for Cyberspace, Information, and Cognitive security. Cognitive security is about protecting your decision cycle. Hence, their tag line is Make Better Decisions.

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