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cyberconIQ, Inc.


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We know that every organization is on a different part of the journey and has unique cybersecurity challenges. Our team of experts creates pathways to success that are easy to understand, implement, and measurable in terms of ROI. We work with you to focus on a risk-based approach that first helps identify your organization’s challenges and prioritize your needs and current cybersecurity maturity level with an actionable and achievable strategy.

Headquartered in York, PA, cyberconIQ was founded with the knowledge that technical approaches to cybersecurity do not address the prevalent issues we face today. With years of research and development with financial industry leaders, Dr. James Norrie discovered that our foundational CYBERology™ approach – the intersection of cybersecurity and psychology would improve security outcomes and would advance the risk and compliance culture within organizations worldwide.

So, whether it is consulting, incident response tabletop exercises, phishing simulation, security awareness training, or listening to your needs and closing your cyber-gaps, our expertise and risk-reducing approach to the human factor make us the right company for you.  

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